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Drift Facial

$90 | 1hr 

A customized relaxation treatment including basic cleansing with extractions, facial steaming, hydrating, and hand massage all with AlumierMD products.


$99 | 1hr

A deep exfoliation and cleanse using a diamond tip microdermabrasion machine that also infuses a customized serum into the skin to effectively treat skin concerns; leaving the skin smooth, lifted and hydrated.

Oxygeneo Express

$125 | 1hr

This facial gently exfoliates the skin while infusing ingredients and oxygenating leaving the complexion smooth, plump and hydrated.

Alumier Facial

$130 | 1hr

A customized treatment using medical-grade skincare. We will choose specific products based on your skin needs!

Glow Peel

$150 | 1hr 

This customized chemical peel that works well for all skin types. Deeply exfoliates the skin targeting fine lines, pigmentation and texture.

Oxygeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial

$199 | 1hr 15min

This 3-step facial provides superior anti-aging results by treating the skin at a deeper level. The ultrasound allows maximum nutrient absorption and moisture retention. The tripollar radio frequency will tighten and tone the skin. It helps with aging, pigmentation and will leave your complexion tightened, smooth and plump with a healthy glow in just one treatment.

Youth Facial

$55 | 1hr 

Facial for 12 & under, focusing on light exfoliation, extractions and targeted mask treatment along with education on proper skincare for their needs.

Glass Facial

$159 | 1hr 15min

Using a Hyperbaric Chamber provides purified Oxygen and Anion directly into the chamber at such high concentrations that it provides your skin with many amazing benefits.

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