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Areola Restoration

Drift Day / Medi Spa is proud to offer areola restoration for breast cancer survivors. Astaria has recently been trained by famous paramedical tattoo artist, Irina Maximova. This procedure is for breast cancer survivors who have undergone a reconstruction surgery and would like a natural looking areola tattooed on their breast(s). This procedure strives to help women feel confident and beautiful, and help them cope with the physical changes they’ve endured.

Astaria is the only person in Thunder Bay trained and certified from a permanent makeup academy to complete this procedure. We are honoured to offer this service to any women in the region who may need it.

The procedure involves advanced micropigmentation using techniques such as shadowing and creating a 3D look.  We will custom pick your colour, making sure it blends and compliments your skin tone. The result is a natural looking nipple.

To qualify for this procedure you must be one-year post breast reconstruction surgery. You will also need to bring a doctors note to your consultation to ensure you are a good candidate. Without a doctors note, we will not complete the procedure.


Prior to your appointment, you will meet with Astaria to discuss the procedure in a consult. She will talk you through the appointment and discuss everything you will go through on the day of the appointment. You must have a doctors note at this appointment to make sure you are an eligible candidate. You must be one year post-op, and be completely healed from the breast augmentation.

The day of your procedure, Astaria will draw on the areola to make sure you are happy with the shape and look. She will not tattoo until you are happy with the placement and shape. She will then choose the pigment to compliment your skin tone, making sure you have a natural colour that you feel confident with. Once you are ready, she will apply the numbing cream and begin to tattoo.

The appointment will take approximately 3 hours per areola. We recommend one appointment if you need both completed, so that they are measure the same and with the same pigment colour.


After the appointment, it is important to care for your new tattoo. Do not go into direct sunlight, and avoid saunas, pools and hot tubs. You can use polysporin to keep your tattoo from getting infected. It is normal to see scabbing and redness around your tattoo. You can wash your skin as normal. There are no side effects to having this procedure done.

Your tattoo should be completely healed within six weeks. At the six week mark, another consult is recommended to see if you need a touch up. The touch up is free of charge.

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